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HOW HEAD COACHES REQUEST Sports Fund grantS from the Big C Society®



  • The Big C Society® makes available annual grants to the Intercollegiate Athletic Teams of the University of California at Berkeley for tangible items that the Head Coach considers important for the betterment of the team, and that are not otherwise provided for in the Athletic Department's budget during that fiscal year.  Grants may also be available to help support the recovery of individual athletes who are seriously injured in competition or who are facing life-threatening illnesses.


  • Each year The Big C Society® Board of Directors authorizes a budget for giving that is limited by the dues and donations that it has received.  In kind, and at its sole discretion, the Board of Directors prioritizes the requests that it receives for supplemental funding, and metes out the economic support that it can afford  in consideration of the established budget, acuteness of need and other factors. 


  • Coaches must submit requests in writing no later than May 1 each year. All Big C Society®  Sports Fund grant requests received by May 1 will be considered by The Big C Society® Board of Directors forthwith.  Coaches will receive a response from the Big C Society® by June 30th of the same calendar year.  Sports Fund grant requests received after May 1 will be eligible for consideration by the Board prior to June 30 in the subsequent calendar year.


  • The Head Coach or designee must be available, if requested, to attend a Big C Society® board meeting to answer questions pertaining to the Sports Fund grant request.


  • Each request for a Big C Society® Sports Fund Grant must state the following:

    a. the purpose for which the grant funds are to be used (i.e., purchase of a specific piece of equipment such as a rowing machine, hurdles, camera, VCR, etc.)

    b. the total cost of the item(s), including tax, and attach the supplier's documentation to describe the item and demonstrate that cost.  The Athletic Department's Business Office Criteria for obtaining quotes for requested items, as well as their procurement, are to be followed for each request.



Any questions can also be directed to, or you can call us at +1 (510) 333-5927.