2005 - Team Mates

News about what's going on in the lives of CAL's

Alumni Big C Varsity Athletes and their families

Spring/Summer, 2005

Congratulations! Again. And again and again and again! In a world where most college coaches simply dream about winning an NCAA title, Coach Jack Clark and his 2005 Rugby team have just earned Cal's 21st National Championship - including an unprecedented streak of 14 consecutive titles dating back to 1991. Jack's program has become the envy of every coach and every athletic program in the nation. He teaches, he coaches, he leads, he inspires. He builds champions. Perhaps most important of all, he builds character. His players reflect pride in their team, their sport and themselves, both on the field and off. They look like champions, play like champions and act like champions. The Big C Society and fans of Cal Athletics everywhere salute Jack Clark and Cal Rugby for his and their  truly outstanding accomplishments. Here's the 2005 National Championship team . . . and a glimpse of their predecessors 60 years ago.



CAL RUGBY, 1945 - Back Row: Don Wallace, William Still, Joe Chiari, Russell Trackwell, Robert Cotter, Ludy Langer, Harold Kirshner, Lucien Evans, Hector Caraballo, Hank Borghi, Stan Howatt, Al Kennison, Charles Rowe, Coach Miles Hudson, Charles Weaver (Senior Manager)  Front Row: Dick Dorst (Captain), Dick Abreu (Trainer), Colin Armstrong, Jack Block, Ed Foster, Mike Dolan, Harry Whittaker, Almont Koepf, John Klinger, Jon Baker, Ron Cameron, Richard Shumway, Carl Berg, Jr. (Junior Manager)

Pictures of alumni seen at the 2005 Senior Student-Athlete Recognition Banquet and the Golf Outing & Gabfest at Claremont Country Club on May 9, 2005 can be seen by scrolling to the end of this publication.

WHERE ARE THEY TODAY? News about alumni Big C members & their families:

Richard Bartalini (Basketball Manager, '53) attended Hastings College of Law and received his JD in 1957. That same year he became a prosecutor in the Alameda County District Attorney's office and followed that assignment in private trial practice in Oakland and Alameda. In 1977 he was appointed to the bench, serving as a Judge in the Superior Court of California in Alameda County, holding that position until 1993. He then became president of Empro Management Services, a national employee leasing company. Since retiring from Empro, he has resumed his volunteer work and presently serves as (1) Chairman of the Alameda Housing Authority, (2) a director of the Alameda Development Corporation (an organization working to provide affordable housing), and (3) a member of the Alameda Collaborative for Children, Youth and their Families. He also serves on the Superintendent's Citizens Educational Advisory Committee. In 1955, Richard married Anne Evanoff of Calumet, MN. They have three children - Robert (a bank officer), Denise (a physical therapy assistant) and David (a police officer). Richard and Anne enjoy traveling - they've traveled to Japan, China and Europe on several occasions and reunited themselves with the Italy side of Richard's father's family who live in the Lucca-Pisa area. In addition to traveling, Richard enjoys big-game hunting, gardening, walking with his border collie mix, Molly, and spoiling his grandchildren - Christopher (a fire science and EMT student) and Jessica (a 1st-year student at Gonzaga University). He also must have invented the 56-hour day, because, if he didn't, it's not entirely clear just how and/or when - given his volunteer & professional schedule - he finds time to fit all these activities into his life.

Mike Baxter (Track, '58) and his wife, Nadine, live in Carmichael. Their son, Dan, graduated from the UCLA School of Law and works as an attorney in a Sacramento law firm. Mike retired from teaching and coaching in the San Juan Unified School District in Carmichael, then went to work for Walgreen Company until he figured it was time to retire again - this time for good.

The Blair Brothers (Mike, '00 and Matthew, '02 - both Track & Field) were hired by Alameda County, and, after completing training this Spring, now work as firefighters/paramedics.


MEMORY LANE You want us to run how far?? The 1955 Cross Country team was hoping they didn't hear coach Brutus Hamilton's instructions correctly.


MEMORY LANE  Cal Boxing, 1965Row One: Jerry Olson, Tim Rodgers, Pete Cowan, Paul Bell, Phil Walson, John Sobczyk, Lee Phillips. Row Two: Coach Ed Nemir, Tom Gioseffi, Paul Rein, Walt Cunningham, Jerry Knapp, Dave Newhouse, Con Worden, Terry Holberton, Ray Kropp, Assistant Coach Gordon Van Kessel.


Janet Bowie-McGhee (Track/Cross Country, '93) and her husband, Paul, welcomed their new baby girl, Greer Bowie McGhee, in October last year. The family lives in San Francisco and, according to Janet, are all excited about the 2005 baseball season and the SF Giants. Greer was unavailable for comment regarding the extent of her Giants commitment, so we'll just have to take Janet's word for it. Janet works in Real Estate Investment, while Paul works in Software Sales - both offices within walking distance of home. Janet plans to run in a marathon in December as part of her "post-baby fitness" program.

Samuel B. (Beau) Breck (Crew, '54), as reported last year, has "sort of" moved to Carmel with his wife, Helen. "Sort of" because he still spends 1 or 2 days a week in the Bay Area at his San Francisco office and with friends. Beau and Helen celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with their children and grandchildren in Hawaii in May of last year. Right about now, he's either headed for coming back from . . . or incarcerated in China. (And he thinks Clint Eastwood ran a pretty tight town??)

Merrill Callow (Basketball, '46) lives in Roseville (or "Sun City," as he calls it) but still visits old friends in the Bay Area, including fellow Big C'ers Bob HogeboomAndy WolfeRene HerreriasJim SmithGrover KlemmerWill LotterDoug DuncanWayne Hooper and Jack Vohs (geez - with friends like that, you'd think he'd move farther away than Roseville!). Merrill also reports meeting George Irwin (Cal footballer and Bear Backer) while playing golf; says he's a good golfer and nice guy (that means Merrill won). He also enjoys visiting his sons Rich and Doug (a Cal graduate), his sister (Jean Anthony) in San Carlos and his brother (Charles) who lives in Laguna Hills. Also visits long-time BHS friends fairly regularly.

Brooke Hanley Davison (Swimming, '93) and husband, Andrew, welcomed their second child, a baby girl,  on April 9, 2004. Jaime Hall Davison checked in at 9 lbs, 13 oz and joined older brother Miller, who turned 3 on June 16th last year. Miller is now teaching Jaime a variety of effective techniques to get attention as well as get Mom and Dad to come, fetch, feed, cuddle and burp.

Patrick Fisher (Soccer, '03) helped found a company called "Full 90 Sports," which was recently highlighted in "Fast Company" magazine as one of the  fastest growing companies in the United States. He, along with three other graduates of Cal, Dartmouth and Princeton, also co-founded The Hopscotch Network, a 501c non-profit that mobilizes socially conscious young adults across the country through social events to support established non-profits dedicated to improving the lives of children. They focus on a different non-profit each year - all dedicated to helping underprivileged children. Hopscotch has chapters in San Francisco and New York, with plans to expand into Boston, Chicago, San Diego and other cities across America. Like to know more? Go to www.hopscotchnetwork.org.

Nina (Liahjell) Flemming (Track, '91) welcomed Bryce Liahjell Flemming on May 18, 2004. Bryce's brother, Brayden, age 3,  says he's thrilled to have a baby sister (no truth to the rumor that what he really said was he was thrilled to have a new little punching bag in the family)

Lesle Gallimore (Soccer, '86) coaches the women's soccer team at the University of Washington. The team just completed its best season ever - made it the NCAA Elite Eight! Last year, Lesle formally adopted her nephew, Zachary, an active 5th grader who had been living with her for three years. Zachary, notes Lesle, has taken to cheering for Cal - except when they're playing Washington (hmmmm, we'll have to work on that), and enjoys music, sports and school. Congratulations, Lesle - for your sports and homefront accomplishments!

Jim Gierlich (Football, '46) still lives in Arcadia, CA. As reported in the last Team Mates, Jim serves on the Board of Directors for the Berkeley Engineering Alumni Society and the Cal State University Domingues Hills Foundation Board. He's also golfing, running, biking, hiking, playing volleyball (????) and singing. He just recorded a CD with the Paul Smith Trio (Paul accompanied Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., Mel Torme and others, so we ain't talking Amateur Night here). The CD is available through www.outstandingmusic.com under the title (Mr. Jim Sings with the Paul Smith Trio). And no, it's not true that wife Jane has already bought the entire supply.

Got Golf? A few golfers and a lotta would be golfers from The Big C Society descended on The Claremont Country Club (now known as Divotsville) in Oakland on May 9th. Long drives (some even landing on the fairway), four-foot putts (from two feet away), and a whole lotta body English highlighted a unique afternoon. Memories and stories, several of questionable accuracy, made for a great event. Active Big C'ers who challenged the golf course (and lost) included in no particular order: Dwight Barker (Honorary, '59), Frank Brunk (Football, '50), John Merchant (Track, '58), Rupe Ricksen (Basketball, Tennis, '53), Skip Dresel (Basketball, '53), Ray Moser, (Basketball, '53), John Ricksen (Basketball, Tennis, '53), Al Mathews, (Baseball, '53), Chris Woodward (Basketball, '71), Rob Olson (Basketball, '66), Bruce McClain (Golf, '84), Mike O'Donnell (Football, '86), Andy Wolfe (Basketball, '49), Gordon Cuneo (Basketball, '48), Dick Verling (Football Manager, '53), Jack Hamilton (Rugby, '55), Jack Vohs (Honorary, '50), Joe Griffin (Track, '58), Randy Hooper(Baseball, '74), Bruce Zellis (Baseball, '66), Brad Smith (Track, '79), and Ken Nemzer (Wrestling, '62). Failing to make the cut: Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, and a smattering of other Big C'ers whose names an incompetent TeamMates editor failed to record. Pictures taken at this event can be seen by scrolling to the end of this newsletter. 


At the Alumni Big C Golf Get-Together . . .

Rupe Ricksen (Basketball, Tennis, '53) did a great job of helping organize the Big C Golf Tournament on May 9, but apparently NOT such a great job of staying out of the water hazards which dot the Claremont Country Club course. 

Steve Grealish (Football, Rugby, '73) is still running Shanghai Kelly's Saloon and The North Star Cafe in San Francisco (or are they running him?). He continues to host fundraising events for Cal sports and never misses an opportunity to promote Cal sports through social events at both establishments.

Vern Green (Swimming, Water Polo Senior Manager, '44) helped organize a 65th High School Reunion for the Berkeley High School Graduating Class of 1939. Fifty-three alums showed up for the event on October 27th last year to reminisce, tell jokes about getting old, swap stories about World War II and the Depression Years, and tell (small) white lies about how good each other looked. Vern continues his work as an amateur historian (or, as he prefers to call himself, "a compiler"), and says he still wears his 2003 Big C Society Honor Team jacket and cap on some of his golf days (we hope they're the days he happens to be on the fairways and greens a lot instead of in the rough).

Hall of Fame Update: Ten new members have been elected to membership in the Cal Athletic Hall of Fame. The induction ceremony will take place on Friday, October 14 at the Greek Orthodox Church Conference Center in Oakland. Inductees are: Gillian Boxx (Softball, 1992-�95), Sean Dawkins (Football, 1990-'92), the Tennis doubles team of Marty Davis and Chris Dunk (1977-'80), Sid Freudenstein (Gymnastics, 1965-'68), Ben Furth (Golf, 1987-'90), Luella Lilly (Women's Athletic Director, 1976-'92), Mick Luckhurst (Football, Rugby, 1979-'81), George Roseme (Track & Field, 1949-'52) and Vard Stockton (Football, 1935-'37). Congratulations!

Charles (Chuck) Harrington (Crew, '53) entered the Air Force after graduation and was commissioned as a Medical Service Corps officer. After his active duty stint he remained in the Air Force Reserve, retiring after 20 years  as a Lt. Colonel. Following his active duty days, he attended Hastings College of Law, practiced law in New Mexico for about four years before returning to California to practice law in Oakland with the Alameda County Counsel. After seventeen years there, he went to the Alameda County Superior Court as a Court Commissioner and served as Judge Pro Tem until his retirement from the court in 1993. After that retirement he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Alameda County Employees Retirement Association where he served for nine years. While on active duty in the Air Force, Chuck met and married Febe Forster (Texas, '56). They've been married 48 years. Febe taught elementary school, retiring in 1993. They have four children and seven grandchildren (daughters Kathleen, Aileen and Jane graduated from Cal . . . son Charlie graduated form Sacramento State). Kathy, Aileen and Jane are all in education, Charlie is an executive with Big 5 Sporting Goods in Sacramento.

Sydney Harrison (Swimming, '95) lives in Denver. He and Megan Tanner are getting married in August. Dan Mullin ('95) will be in the wedding. Syd manages a residential general contracting business in Denver.


MEMORY LANE 1984 Cal Women's VolleyballFRONT ROW, left to right: Anja Reich, Annette Bernado, Kelly Moomaw. SECOND ROW: Patti Snyder (Ass't Coach), Karen Roitz, Sue Belina, Anne Dresel, Dana Allen, Judy Chow. THIRD ROW: Marlene Piper (Head Coach), Kelly Kramer, Debbie Dimino, Diana Yovino-Young, Teri Donohue, Esther Van Windgerden, Janet Mortensen, Carrie Panama (Manager)

Bert Horn (Football, Wrestling, '44) is being inducted into the Lowell High School Sports Foundation Hall of Fame at their annual Banquet & Induction Ceremony on June 11. If you'd like to attend, call (415) 781-6777 Ext. 3, or send an e-mail to lowellsportsfourndation@yahoo.com. Congratulations, Bert!

Eric Kastner (Football, '69) lives in Palo Alto where he practices law in a firm that specializes in representing company founders, CEO's, CFO's, senior executives and principals in all forms of employment matters in venture capital firms in California and throughout the country. His daughter, Krista, after a career as a professional ballerina, has just graduated from Savannah School of Art and Design. Eric's son, Gage, is in his 5th year with the FBI, and his son, Brett, just graduated from UC Santa Cruz where daughter, Abby, is a sophomore. Son Cole (age 3) is in a preschool that, Eric notes with more than just a little emotion, costs more than Stanford. Eric continues to be active in football, currently officiating in Santa Clara County.

Helene Kenny (Gymnastics, '01) is living in Brooklyn, NY. Will one of her teammates please give her a call and check the status of her Brooklyn accent?

Duke Leffler (Football, Rugby, '79) and his wife, Paula (Paula Zagaris, '78) live in Modesto, where they run PMZ Real Estate, one of Stanislaus County's most successful real estate ventures. Duke serves as president of PMZ Commercial while Paula serves in the same capacity for Liberty Property Management. PMZ employs over 325 licensed real estate brokers and agents. Their company has been invited to join the Realty Alliance, an organization comprised of the 65 most successful real estate brokerage firms in the nation. Duke acknowledges he and Paula are proud of their professional accomplishments, but as their real source of pride they point to their three children. Libby is a 3rd year student in the Haas School of Business, president of Tri Delta Sorority, and most recently won the title of Miss Stanislaus County. She will compete in the Miss California contest in June. Duke (Jr.) is graduating from Modesto High School in the IB program and will attend UOP in the Fall. Daughter Hilary is a junior at Modesto High School, also in the IB program, and participated in Modesto's Junior Miss program in April. OK, Duke, we can understand why the "Pride Meter" is off the charts! 

Bob Leslie (Track, Cross Country, '55) is serving as Co-Chair of the Class of '55. He wants to pass the word to all '55 classmates that the 50th reunion will be held on Friday, September 30, 2005 at the Claremont Country Club in Oakland. For more information, call Bob at (415) 951-4770 or e-mail him at relarbmed@aol.com.

Chelsea Mao (Lacrosse, '01) has been working in Japan for the past 2-1/2 years. She plans to return to the Bay Area later this year.

Andrea McDermott (Crew, '03) is attending graduate school at Vanderbilt University where she's on track to receive a Master's Degree in Special Education in May of next year. And, if that isn't enough to keep her busy, she recently helped raise more than $21,000,000 for children with Down's Syndrome by running the Country Music Marathon to raise reading scholarship monies for Down's Syndrome children at Vanderbilt's Kennedy Center Reading Clinic. Keep up the good work, Andrea. You make your Cal friends proud!

Chuck McFerrin (Baseball, '62) caught the retirement bug a couple of years ago. On January 1, 2003 he officiated the Sugar Bowl game in New Orleans, then retired after officiating Pac-10 football games for 22 years. In June that same year, he retired as Men's Athletic Director at Long Beach City College. Apparently, Chuck and retirement are not too compatible . . . in April this year he was appointed a Pac-10 Football Observer, and he continues to serve as Chairman of the Long Beach City College Hall of Champions.


MEMORY LANE 1965 Cal BaseballRow One: Joe Weirzbowski, Ray Evans, Mike Taylor, Tom Cooper, Bill Archer, Art Kobayashi. Row Two: Craig DeForest, Tim Tarpley, Al Diamond (Co-Captain), Mike Wickersham (Co-Captain), Brod Bryan, Rich Dash, Gale Newman,Jerry McCarn (Assistant Coach). Row Three: Hollon Bridges, Bbruce Zelis, Ed Beckwith, Don Bunch, George Cate, Rich brown, Bill Frost, Steve Sternberg, Head Coach George Wolfman. 

John Merchant (Track, '58) retired from the practice of Orthodontics on January 1, 2005 after 44 years. He and his wife divide their time between the Bay Area and an island in Maine where they spend 2 months each summer. John continues to be involved in Cal athletics (he's a member of the Track & Field Steering Committee). He also works on projects at Berkeley High School and says he plays lots of golf - although, when asked about his handicap and how much it had improved since his retirement, he was more than just a little evasive.

John Pappa (Football, '52) and his wife, Meredith, have lived in McCloud (CA) for the past 13 years. He reports that living at the base of Mt. Shasta is like being in God's world (except for the 4 or so months of snow each year which he finds "quite challenging"). The Pappas enjoy visiting their sons; Mike, who retired from the Department of Corrections and lives in Dixon, Denny, who lives in Sacramento, John, who lives in San Jose, and Don, who also lives in Dixon. John and Meredith have 10 grandchildren.

George Peekema (Baseball, '51) and his NW 75's teammates won the World Series and Senior Softball National Championship held in Las Vegas last September. The NW 75's is a team of 75-year old (or older) senior softball players from Portland and Seattle. Word is that George participated in a triple play during the tournament.

Bill Perry (Wrestling, '53) is still running his company, GFF Inc., makers of Girards Salad Dressings, in City of Industry, California. Says he plans to "slow down" next year, although he doesn't define how slow or how far down. He travels throughout the US extensively both for business and pleasure. Also plays tennis, golf and bike rides and is able to remember which court, course or seat he's on at the appropriate time. Bill also does some lecturing in Entrepreneurship at USC School of Business.

Gerry Pimentel (Football, '57) lives in Prineville, OR. He taught grade school full time and as a substitute for 39 years (he still subs once in awhile). Since 1971 he has also umpired high school baseball and softball games, and run the scoreboard/clock for high school football games.


MEMORY LANE Women's C Society - 1965Row One: Claudia Larson, Colleen Poindexter, Shelly Nix, Marsha Bratten, Peggy Scott. Row two: Dorothy Wendt (Advisor), Joan Danielson, India Bauer, Pat Diehl, Sis Campion, Roberta Lowe, Pippa Phillips

Note: In 1965, invitations to membership in Women's C Society ranked as the highest honor to participants in women's athletics at Cal. Members were elected on the basis of their athletic ability, good sportsmanship, scholastic achievement, participation in WAA programs, and service to WAA. 

Mikelle (Kelley) Queisser (Lacrosse, '04) is Head Coach of the San Diego State University Women's Lacrosse team. As of the time she reported in, her team was undefeated. She also works for 257 Inc., an online real estate marketing company that builds websites for realtors. She's living in Ocean Beach with another former lacrosse playing Cal alum - Erin Massey.

John Ricksen (Basketball, Tennis, '53) has moved from Oakland to Rossmoor in Walnut Creek. Actually, he and wife, Mary, are dividing their time between their brand new home in Walnut Creek and their not-quite-new-but-kinda-new home in Carmel. Both places are fighting over boasting rights regarding John's residency. Carmel claims John is from Walnut Creek, Walnut Creek insists he's from Carmel. John & Mary celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in March of last year.

Peter Rocca (Swimming, Water Polo '79) and his family have lived in Plymouth, MN for the past 12 years. He recently left his long time association with Merrill Lynch to join Palisade Investment Advisors, a money management firm headquartered in Minneapolis. In his new position, Peter oversees business development and client relationship management. He and wife, Jeanne, have 3 great kids, Nick (15, a freshman in high school), Sarah (12, a 7th grader), and Margaret (10, who currently runs the 4th grade at her school). Peter and Jeanne are celebrating their 20th Anniversary this June! They're spending a long weekend (doesn't say how long) in San Francisco and Napa to celebrate the occasion. (Can't be toooo long since the Rocca family is an '8th week regular' at The Lair's Camp Blue every summer.

Drew Sanders (Golf, '93) reports that 'Team Sanders' grew by one last year with the addition of son Ryan, born June 10. Although not yet one, Ryan has already been to his first Cal football and basketball games. Mom is a very understanding (and very wise) Stanford graduate ('94). Drew works in San Francisco as a commercial insurance broker.


MEMORY LANE 1965 Cal GolfRow One: Rich Sasaki, Bob Grossman, Mike Meyer, John Lovett. Row Two: Art McNickle, Randy Edwards, Hans Janzen, Tom Flashman.

Sirinda Sincharoen (Gymnastics, '96) received her Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UC Santa Cruz in March.

Coulter Stewart (Boxing, '67) and wife, Elizabeth, celebrated their 37th Anniversary on April 24th of this year. Daughter Karissa has presented the Coulters with grandson Rex (born 6/2/03) and identical twin granddaughters Reese and Brooke (born 1/9/05). Coulter just won a pair of medals - Bronze and Silver - on the ski slopes at Purgatory, Colorado.

Roy Tamm (Basketball, '42) and wife Florence ('44) celebrated their 61st Wedding Anniversary on June 26th of last year. Their son Jim's book, "Radical Collaboration" was published by Harper Collins. Daughter Louise is now retired from the Santa Clara County Sheriff's Department. The Tamms enjoyed a wonderful trip to Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires last April. Roy was also a guest on the 'Freedom Flight' to see the new World War II Memorial in Washington DC.


MEMORY LANE 1958 Water PoloFIRST ROW, left to right: Will Gassett, Phil McGinn, Chuck Holloway, Dick Olsen, Bruce Keppel. SECOND ROW: Ron Rickson, Kenny Lindgren, John Mize, Kirk Bathgate, Larry Stewart. THIRD ROW: George Schroth, Dick Johnson, Dave Van Couvering, Art Deleray, Bob Clark.

Dick Verling (Football Manager, '53) was remarried on August 21, 2004 to Joanne McAteer at their home on Cape Cod. Dick and Joanne plan to split their time between their Cape Cod home and the one in Marin County. And, oh yes . . . it doesn't take a whole lot of prompting to get Dick to boast about his two sons-in-law, two daughters-in-law and four grandkids.

Kathryn Waller (Crew, '03) was awarded her Master of Education (with a Social Studies emphasis) from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville in May of 2004. She's working for the San Francisco Giants in their Marketing & Entertainment Department for the 2005 season.

Len Wheeler (Football, '44) is living in Avila Beach, CA (a stone's throw north of Pismo Beach in San Luis Obispo County . . . if you're a really good thrower). Len says he'd welcome visitors, so if you're ever on US101, look him up and give him a call.

David Yengoyan (Baseball, '99) is in his final year of Law School and will take the California Bar exam in July. He's already been offered a position at Quinlan, Kershaw & Fanucchi, a Fresno law firm, where he will be working in the estate law department. So all of you Golden Bear graduates who want to gift money to Cal athletics and send the football team to the Rose Bowl as part of your estate planning, call him.


MEMORY LANE Men's Basketball - 1965Row One: Howie Holt, Jim Ashcraft, Charlie Kennedy, Robbie Olson, Jerry Mosher. Row Two: Coach Rene Herrerias, Charles Perkins, Dan Ready, Bob Nichols, Tom Thomas, Captain Dan Wolthers, Doug Hudson. Row Three: Myron Erickson, Dick Vortmann, John Wardell, Gary Cornelius, Mike Henderson


Whoever said Monte Upshaw (Track, '58) spent all his time at the track and never bothered with finals obviously never got a look at this piece of evidence!

MEMORY LANE . . .The Big C Society - 1945


PICTURED ABOVE:  Back Row: Howard Petersen, John Elliott, Bob Rutherford, Jim Farrell, Ed Honnen, Jim Kennedy,

Bob Edmonston, Leland Arth, Mac Elliott  Third Row: Bob Powell, Frank Rojeski, Louis Brenwald, Bob Hogeboom, Merrill Callow, Don Marcus, Dave Erb, Bob Henninger, Jim Sheppard, George Clyne  Second Row: Les Howe, Nate Shore, Hank Borghi, Curt Rottke, Lee Parker, Lewis Saxby, Jed Garthwaite, Terry Ring, Roger Harding  Front Row: Joe Grothus, Fred Pavlow, Joe Stuart, Rudy Kuhn, Don Davis, Ken Henry, Bill Watson

Big C Society Membership - 1945

OfficersPresident: Roger P. Harding (Summer/Fall, '44), James Farrell (Spring '45)  Vice President: George Quist (Summer/Fall, '44), Robert W. Edmonstron (Spring, '45)  Secretary: Terry Ring (Summer/Fall, '44), Donald E. Brown (Spring, '45)


Football: Lewis B. Avery, Jonathon Baker, Edward F. Barnett, Henry F. Borghi, Donald E. Brown, Donald Cameron, Jr., Robert L. Celeri, Robert M. Edmonstron, John J. Elliott, Edwin L. Garthwaite, Jr., Joseph R. Grothus, William A. Hachten, Roger P. Harding, Kenneth W. Henry, David R. Hirschler, John Loper, Richard B. Madigan, James B. Muir, Frederick Pavlow, Howard E. Petersen, Robert A. Powell, George Quist, George C. Rasmussen, Frank R. Rojeski, Curtis E. Rottke, Nathan S. Shore, Harry J. Stuart, Neil F. Thrams

Basketball: Leland C. Arth, Merrill Callow, George E. Clyne, James E. Farrell, John M. Higgins, Robert C. Hogeboom, Edward P. Honnen, Wayne M. Hooper, Wallace E. Howard, James R. Kennedy, Jack M. Lerond, Raymond A. Lucas, Agustin N.Mota, Lee Al Parker, Robert E. Rutherford, Lewis Saxby, Jr.

Track: Edwin M. Anderson, Donovan Davis, Gordon Duffy, Hugh M. Elliott, Roger P. Harding, Leslie D. Howe, Jr., Roland L. Huntington, James F. Jordan, George W. Leisz, Bert B. Meek, Terry Ring, Robert W. Randall, Theodore G. Robinson, Robert D. Russell, James C. Sheppard, Russell W. Tauscheck

Baseball: David H. Erb, J. Robert S. Henninger, Leonard Leibowitz, John R. Mahoney, George Quist, Samuel G. Rosenthal, Robert T. Ware, Stanley W. Watson, Jr.

Tennis: Louis H. Brennwald, Arthur R. Foff, Rudolph Kuhn, Jr., Willard B. Korn, Don C. Marcus, Henry R. Musselman

Crew: George E. Wendell

Alums, Coaches Turn Out To Honor Senior

Student-Athletes at 2005 Banquet

On April 27, Big C alums, coaches, families and fans attended the Big C Spring Banquet, held each year to honor undergraduate student-athletes from all sports who have finished their NCAA eligibility at Cal. In case any of the alumni dudes shown below have changed since you last saw them, here's a guide to who they are. Order in all photos is left to right. Rap sheets are being withheld due to lack of space.

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