Fall Student Barbecue

[Pictures, stories, and comments about the 2013 Student Barbecue will be posted after a new website is created in 1st Quarter 2013.]

The Fall Student-Athlete Barbecue for 2010 was held on Wednesday, August 25 at 3:30 PM on Edwards Field. Wear your Zebra !!

The Fall Student Barbecue for 2008 was held on Sunday August 25 on Edwards Field. Click Here for Pictures

Big C Barbecue... Pictures !! Held soon after the school year starts in August to kickoff the annual athletic schedule, this event is open to all current and former Cal athletes. This is one of the few opportunities that Cal athletes in all sports have to be together at the same time, since team seasons have not yet begun. The primary purpose of the barbeque is to allow the new and returning current athletes to become acquainted in a relaxed atmosphere.

Over 500 student-athletes, athletic department staff and alums from all the varsity sports attend this festive event. The photographs here show some of the camraderie among the athletes and their activities from past events, as well as their enjoyment of the food and sunshine.  Last year the barbecue was held on August 29, 2004 at Evans Diamond.

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