Honors Luncheon

The Honor's Luncheon will be held in May of 2013

One of the most important aspects of CAL athletics is that it combines sports competition and academic achievement at one of the finest universities in the world.

While many CAL athletes are honored for great athletic success, many also succeed at the highest levels of academic competition as well.

This luncheon honors those CAL athletes who excel in the classroom as well as on the field of play.

Honorees are Academic All-Americans, all Pac-10 academic honorees, and those CAL athletes and teams who have demonstrated superior academic achievement.

The Honors Luncheon for 2009 was held on Wednesday, May 13 from 11:30-1:30 in Pauley Ballroom.

The Honors Luncheon for 2008 was held on May 14 from 11:30-1:30 in Pauley Ballroom.

This year, we established The Big C Society Award for the intercollegiate athletic team with the greatest improvement in team GPA over their historical average.

Tarik Glenn, Cal graduate, three-time Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl champion, was the keynote speaker.
The Honors Luncheon for 2007 was held on May 10 in Pauley Ballroom.  Among the awards presented were postgraduate scholarships, the Pac-10 Medal, the Oscar Geballe Scholarship, the Neufeld Scholar Athletes, the Jake Gimbell Prize, the Anna Espenshade Award, the Joseph M Kavanagh Award and the Walter A. Haas Jr. Community Service Award.  More than 220 student-athletes, all with GPAs over 3.25 were invited to the ceremony. Included in that group were 160 student-athletes with GPAs of 3.50 or higher.

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