Student Athlete Academic Honors Luncheon, May 14, 2008

[Pictures, Program, and Student Listing of Awards to follow.]

Women's Golf Team-First Recipients of The Big C Society award for 'Most Improved Team' (Grade Point Average).

Awards Table

Christina Maslach, Vice Provost
Division of Undergraduate Education

Sandy Barbour, Director
Intercollegiate Athletics

Seated left to right: Nathan Brostrom (Vice Chancellor, Administration),
Sue Woodward (Reunion Campaign Manager), Dwight Barker, Roger Dunn, Burl Toler, and Jim Werson

Men's Octet

Burl Toler, Big C Society representative and speaker

Christina Maslach (far left), Sandy Barbour, and Tarik Glenn

Burl Toler presenting Most Improved (GPA average) award to the Cal Women's Golf Team.

Big C Men:
Roger Dunn, Burl Toler, and Jim Werson

Tarik Glenn, Keynote Speaker
Cal graduate, 3-time Pro Bowler, and member of Superbowl Championship Team (Indianapolis Colts)

David Torrence, Men's Cross Country, Student Athlete speaker


Sue Woodward, Dwight Barker, and Roger Dunn