Big C Society "FriendRaisers" [first at the San Diego Yacht Club]
Big C Society "FriendRaisers" [further down, Orange County and Sacramento]
Rupe Ricksen and Bill McAdam
President, Don Bowden
Bill McAdam (left); Rupe Ricksen (right)
Craig Morton & John Rebelo
Jim Ashcraft and Bob Wueste
Check In
Yorba Linda Country Club
<<<-- The following pictures are from the Yorba Linda Country Club in Orange County -->>>
Craig Morton
Teresa Gould and Jim Gierlich
Eric McDonough
   Rupe Ricksen
     Karen and Jerry Hays
Host: Keith Meserve
Rupe Ricksen checks in Steve Stafford
Craig Morton and Guest
Chris Dunk,Rupe Ricksen and
Jimmy Harper (aka: "The Hawk")
Matt Luke and Steve Stafford
Doug Muirhead (crew)
Verne Horton's wife (left) and guest
Matt Luke and Sharon Purnell
Craig Morton enjoying the food
<<<-- The following pictures are from the Del Paso Country Club in Sacramento -->>>
Rupe Ricksen welcomes guests
Bill and Dorothy Beale
Rupe Ricksen and Kevin Johnson
So good, let's see them again !!
Don Bowden and Jack Clark
Tom Relles, Florence and Roy Tamm (right)
Don & Bobbie Weisner and Al Bender
Jack Clark relaxing
Roy & Florence Tamm and Tom Relles
Fritz Brown, Kevin Johnson, and Rupe Ricksen