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Senior Recognition Banquet International House
April 8, 2008

Nathan Brostrom, Bob Albo (back to camera), Bob Haas, Rupe Ricksen (back to camera) and Rob Olson (in the background).

Clif Mayne contemplating Big C 100th Anniversary Sales

Peggy Carpenter assisting Sam Rayburn (basketball)
(Kent Brewer, Track '64, can be seen in background
between Peggy and Sam)


A senior athlete, Bob Haas, and Nathan Brostrom

Hunt Holsapple and Ed Miller

Rob Olson (at the bar), Janet Cronk and Marge Albo (chatting about Rob Olson at the bar) and Don Bowden, (back to camera ignoring Rob Olson at the bar).

International House - Dining Room

Bob Albo and Nathan Brostrom and speaker/presenter Rick Cronk in the background

Lynn Lippstreu and Peggy Carpenter working the name tags.
(Picture is blurry due to the speed at which the girls are moving!)

Current Cal Coaches who are members of The Big C Society.

Rick Cronk, Jeff Warren, Kirk Everist, and Chris Carpenter

Don McQuade accepting Honorary Big C membership from Don Bowden (back to camera), while Kirk Everist and Chris Carpenter listen