Hosted admirably once again by Chris Carpenter, the 2007 Senior Recognition Banquet was a success. Student athletes Keanna Levy, Women's Basketball and Ross Biestman, Rugby presented wonderful speeches and Doctor Robert Albo, Basketball and Baseball 1954, fascinated all in attendance with his magic trick and his '3 Rules of Life'
    Keanna Levy Ross Biestman

Doctor Robert Albo dribbling
Host Chris Carpenter ignores Dr. Albo and his wife Marge
Gregg and Nort Thornton, Don Bowden
Kirby and Carol West
Clif, Jr. ignoring father's attempt at magic.
Lynn Lippstreu sorting name tags
Chris Carpenter attempting to recapture his youth
Chris (left) proposing to anyone who will accept
Holly Tigard, Sue Woodward, and Diane Ninemire
Robby Olson oversees the "booze" table
Monte Upshaw, Don Bowden, and Bob Albo
 Rupe Ricksen introduces Dr. Robert Albo
Don Bowden
John Ricksen and Chris Carpenter have difficulty focusing
Keanna Levy, Women's Basketball, Student Speaker
Sandy Barbour, Athletic Director
Peg looks on while Rupe ???
Dr. Robert Albo receiving plaque from Chris and Don
What is this man laughing about ??...
...oh...well, we're back to where we started.