The photos below are courtesy of Golden Bear Sports.
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Ed Kleinhans

Sandy Barbour

Courtney Johnson

Dave Archibald

Tom Gioseffi

Jack Hart

Don James, Jr.

Teresa Palmisano

Pam Reinoehl

Rich Thornton

Jack Hart, Rob Olson and wife

Dick Erickson, Sharla and Jack Vohs, Ken Cusick

Bob Milano, Betsy and Don Bowden

Paul Rein, Tom Gioseffi and wife

Jack Clark, Don James, Sr., Don James, Jr.,
Jerry Figone, and Tom Billups

Dave Archibald and Teammates

Lynn Witstock, Courtney Johnson, and Karen Humphrey

Storrie Johnson and Lynn Lippstreu

Pam Reinoehl and family; Chris Dawson

John Ricksen, Chris Woodward, and Holly Tigard

The Big C Society President Chris Carpenter