Two Lovely Ladies
Coleen Ricksen & Mary Ricksen

Two Lovely Men
Ken Cusick & Jack Vohs
Mary Pastore and her drinking companion
Gregg Thornton, Past President Big C Society
...and another pretty woman
Marilyn Thompson
Rupe Ricksen
passing out the prizes
Rupe Ricksen, Rob Olson
John Kasser, and Peter Wright
Al Mathews
former Cal baseball & basketball coach
Don Matson, Track...and, yes,
another pretty woman Betsy BOWDEN
Robby Olson & Bobby Milano
...steady Bobby...
Dan Lufkin
Big C Society Website Manager
Cal Athletic Director
Sandy Barbour
"I'll drink to that "
Ken Cusick, Crew
John and Rosemary Merchant (center)
Fred Tuemmler (far right)
Don Bowden, President Big C Society
Eddie Hart
Betsy Bowden
Joannie Upshaw
Clif Mayne taking a picture of...
Dan Lufkin taking a picture of...
Kirby West, Bob Milano
and new 'Hall of Famer' Monte Upshaw
more pretty women !!
Nancy Ditzler, Mary Ricksen, and Gwen Hart
Bud van Deren
Ken Cusick
John Ricksen (center)
Hugh Ditzler (right)