CAL Alumni Basketball Players from 1964-2008

Below is what they looked like "back in the day"
The 'good' guys - the 'blue' team !!

above is: The BLUE Team

the 'gold' team

above is: The GOLD Team

The photos below are courtesy of Golden Bear Sports.
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Conor Famulenor (2001-2004) is introduced as a member of the powerful 'BLUE' squad

Coach Mike Montgomery signs Dan Lufkin's Basketball

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Jon Wheeler (1986-1987) and Jim Beatie (1984-1988)

and Jim's two children, Natalie and Ben

Ayinde Ubaka (2004-2007) demonstrating the 'low five' intro

Coaches Rupe and John Ricksen(1951-1953) (GOLD) Team

Coach Dick Kuchen (BLUE) Team

Roy Fisher (1988-1991) discusses the game with an

official whose left elbow appears to be hitting Tara Beatie's head.

Tara, along with Ben and Natalie, are watching Jim Beatie play

Jim Beatie (1984-1988) and former CAL trainer Bob "Boss" Orr

Patrick Armstrong (2007-2008)

Omar Wilkes (2006-2007)

Rod Benson (2003-2006) discusses the game

with ???? and Patrick Armstrong

Coach Mike Montgomery: "See any talent out there, son ? "

Dan Lufkin (1963-1964) Oldest Alumnus to "suit up"

(Background) the Clif Mayne family applaud enthusiastically

Rupe Ricksen and John Ricksen ponder...

..."Do we double-team this guy on the left ?"

Current CAL players wonder if this is what the future holds

Randy Duck (1994-1997) Scored his 1000th point

against North Carolina in NCAA tournament

Omar Wilkes (2006-2007) gets special attention from

his younger brother Jordan (2008-2009)

Coach Dick Kuchen informs the next team that they MUST go in !

Coach Jay John to Mike Montgomery:

" We should be out there !! "

Alex Pribble (2004-2007) scores to put

the GOLD Team up by 10

Former CAL Coach Rene Herrerias (center) separates Clif Mayne (left) from Andy Wolfe (shiner)

Darrall Imhoff looks to the rafters..

...where his jersey will reside upon retirement

GOLD Team tries to encourage teammates

as they watch their lead lessen

Members of the CAL Women's Basketball Team (amongst other fans) watch the game

Coach Mike Montgomery asks

"Do those 'springs' on your shoes really help ? "

Dan Lufkin answers

"What do you think ? You saw my first-half performance !! "

Bill Elleby congratulates Roy Fisher upon making game-winning free throws

Jason Gant signs autograph for young fan

Denny Fitzpatrick , Bob Dalton and Tandy Gillis

A New Generation

Bill and Barbara Alexander ... Ed and Janet Donahue

Bob Steiner (on right) and friends

Mike Montgomery, instrumental in arranging for first Alumni Game, thanks those in attendance

Denny Fitzpatrick, Roy Fisher and Dick Kuchen

Bill Elleby, Stevie Johnson , Bill McClintock , Monte Buckley , and Lamond Murray

Eric McDonough, Sean Harrell , Roxie Bernstein , and Akili Jones

Shahar Gordon, Solomon Hughes, Conor Famulener, Christian Prelle,
Derrick Wrobel,
Cassidy Raher, Jon Wheeler, Randy Duck, and Mike Taylor

Tom Thomas, Jerry Mosher, Dan Wolthers, and Dick Vortmann

Martin Smith, Ayende Ubaka, Donte Smith, Rod Benson, and Jason Gant

Dan Lufkin Class of '64

Dan, relaxing in the Haas Club Room,
after an exhausting 5 minutes of play